Save money on air conditioning with home window tinting

With temperatures boiling over right across the nation, it’s not just the heat and humidity that is causing a sweat on our brows, it’s the sight of power bills to keep our homes cool as well.


How to protect your windscreen during storm season

One thing’s for certain when it comes to summer in Queensland – scorching heat and severe storms. We’ve put together some top tips for keeping your windscreen (as well as the rest of your vehicle) safe.


How do you fix a fogged up windscreen?

We’ve all had to deal with a fogged up windscreen at one point or another, and we know it can be a frustrating wait to have the glass clear before having a clear line of sight. Learn how to get rid of a fogged windscreen every time.


Why you should check your windscreen before your christmas getaway

With Christmas creeping closer, we’ve entered the season of giving, and the season of spending. With gifts to buy for family and friends, a windscreen replacement isn’t an additional expense you’ll want to add to the budget. So if you are planning …


Five signs you need a windscreen replacement

Your car’s windscreen is an essential safety mechanism, designed to protect passengers in the event of an accident, but even minor damage can transform it into a potential hazard. Without repair, small chips in windscreen glass are susceptible to more damage over time, and if left unattended will result …


New Laws: Shining the light on a darker tint

A new update to the Queensland’s tinting laws allow for darker tints on cars. Glass Assist is pleased to report the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) has revised the VLT regulation as of September 2017 to allow for a darker tint behind…


How to protect your windscreen during storm season

One thing’s for certain when it comes to Summer in Queensland – scorching heat and severe storms. Thanks to our subtropical climate, Queensland is renowned for receiving some truly wild weather, and the effects that this…


Window Recalibration