Whether you live in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria, we all share in Australia’s sunny, tropical climate – and while we may be reaching the end of summer, it sure can feel like the sun never sets on this sunburnt country.

With temperatures boiling over right across the nation, it’s not just the heat and humidity that is causing a sweat on our brows, it’s the sight of power bills to keep our homes cool as well.

About four in every five Australian households have air conditioning, but rising energy costs are causing many to keep the power off. A recent survey of professionals working with vulnerable property owners revealed that 88% knew of households with very young, old or ill occupants who chose not to use air conditioning during heat waves due to high energy costs. This is a real concern and one that we are determined to curb with more cost effective solutions such as home window tinting.

Home window tinting from Glass Assist can reduce the amount of sunlight, heat and glare coming through your windows by up to 80%, cooling your home. While other solutions like curtains and blinds may block out sunlight completely, tinted windows for your home allow you to enjoy the view of outside while also avoiding darkening rooms completely.

Home window tinting is also highly energy efficient, helping to reduce temperature imbalances, hot or cold spot areas, and, if you do choose to use your air conditioner still, it will improve its efficiency. Ultimately this means more money saved in your back pocket from running your air conditioner on cooler temperatures.

While we are more likely to complain about the heat down under, we aren’t exempt from a few cold weeks in winter, and as such, changing the temperature on our air conditioners will continue to see that power bill climb. Thankfully, home window tinting from Glass Assist will not only keep the heat out in warmer months, but keep it in during the colder ones as well by reflecting radiant heat back into the room.

While keeping cool or warm depending on the temperature outside is the common reason for installing window tinting in your home, there are many other added benefits. Additional benefits of having home window tinting include reduced glare, enhanced appearance to your property, privacy during the daytime, UV ray protection blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays, as well as increased safety as a result of the glass becoming more shatter resistant.

If you want to save money on your power bill in the long run, don’t wait. At Glass Assist, our installation process is done by professionals who are fast and experienced in applying tints with minimal disruption to your day to day lifestyle.

At Glass Assist we have an extensive range of window films to suit all needs, from energy control, heat and glare reduction, to privacy and enhanced safety.

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