November 6th 2019

There is no denying that the advancement of cars has come a long way since the days of the wind up motor. From engines to seat belts, every facit of the modern car has increased in purpose.   Gone are the days where the windscreen was just a windscreen.  Something to look out of and stop the bugs from hitting your face.  These days they are as crucial and scientifically advanced as the car that they are attached to.

To look at them yes, you think they might not have changed much, however you couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks to the ADAS, Advance Driver Assistance Systems, the simple windscreen has become an integral party of the safety program.

The ADAS has placed tiny cameras, sensors  and processing  technology to  help increase our safety and the driving experience.

Functions including emergency braking; collision avoidance; lane departure alerts, monitoring of blind spots, pedestrian and vehicle proximity; automatic parking and plenty more – that’s where ADAS comes in.

It’s a family of systems with one aim: to make driving safer, smarter and smoother.

There are four main types of ADAS;

  • Adaptive (based on the surrounding environment)
  • Automated (for functions the driver cannot perform)
  • Monitoring (such as traffic, tyre pressure, blind spot)
  • Warning (wake up!)

This evolution in Windscreens of course comes with ultra-sensitive technology which means now more than ever you need to trust your car with experts.

Glass Assist  believe that calibration is now an essential part of the windscreen replacement and repair process and our fully trained and qualified team are ready to calibrate your car both in the field and at our workshops.

Want to get a quote for recalibration with Glass Assist? Get a quote and make sure your car is safer, smarter and smoother.